Tuesday 11 February 2020

Where I've Been and Where I'm Going

I haven't posted in a long, long time.

At first, it was just a hiatus. But over time, I've begun to feel that I don't want to blog anymore. I have a few reasons for this.

One, I am exhausted all the time. I struggle already with getting out of bed in the morning (I do every morning anyway), and I find most things 3 times more exhausting than the general person seems to. I'm not looking for pity, this is just the facts.

Two, I have been reading less due to stress and school, and I am unsure when I will get my "regular" reading pattern back (ie 50-90 books a year).

Finally, the blogging and book community is, in many ways, petty and toxic. That isn't to say that my lovely followers and blogger friends are this way. That isn't even to say that the average reader or blogger is this way, either. But there are individuals and groups in the "book-sphere" which just HAVE to make drama all the time, and I am so exhausted every time I find out there is a new set of drama or feuds. I fear being the target of this kind of drama myself someday, and I get nervous that I will have the "wrong" opinion of a book. I've also noticed a parallel, opposite push that ridicules readers who want diversity in books; I have read reviews of books with nonbinary characters that have only been posted, seemingly, to make fun of nonbinary people. I'm tired of this. There is no need to attack readers for what they like, there is no need to hate on marginalized people because some of them get a bit riled up sometimes, or because you don't understand them. I'm done with worrying about being bullied online, I'm done with seeing drama everywhere, I'm done with it all.

This is not to say that I will never post reviews again. Someday, I may start up my blog again. I may post reviews on Goodreads. I may post snippets of my thoughts on Twitter or Instagram. And I am definitely going to keep my social media because I want to stay connected to my awesome blogger and reader friends (whose blogs and social media feeds I look at often, by the way. I'm just not always so sure of what to say in the comments! But I am there, I swear). But I don't want to worry about this anymore, I don't want to wear myself out when I'm already so tired, and I feel that right now, the best way forward is to halt my blog indefinitely.

I hope you will all still follow me on my various social media because I do value the connections I have made through my blog and passion for books. I'm still me, I'm still here.


Thursday 15 August 2019

Dark Secrets 2 by Elizabeth Chandler


Series: Dark Secrets
 Author: Elizabeth Chandler
Page Count: 599
Published: May 4th, 2010
Publisher: Simon Pulse
  3 Stars ★★★

This young adult bind-up contains books 3 and 4 of the Dark Secrets series. In "No Time to Die", we follow a girl attending a theater camp where her sister died. The mystery of her death remains unsolved, but a supernatural mystery - and a love triangle - complicate things further. In "The Deep End of Fear", Kate returns to the Westbrook Estate where her friend Ashley drowned many years before. Tutoring the young Patrick, she starts to fear the possibility of dangerous family dynamics, and even the paranormal. Will she suffer from another loss? Or will she be the one to die this time?

Both of these books are best described as enjoyable, but not particularly memorable.

The atmospheres in both stories were definitely creepy and tense, which was a major strength. Overall, the characters were interesting, likeable, and made me want to keep reading. However, the second story felt way too drawn out, and at times quite boring.

I appreciate the hint of romance in both stories, although the first story had a bit more romance than the second. I like that there was a paranormal or supernatural element to both mysteries, however it wasn't too intense or overpowering the "real life" mysteries that the characters faced. It was very balanced.

I think that the reveal of the first book's villain, and their motives, was a bit too unbelievable for me. I also found that there were some annoying cliches, such as the whole "villain explains evil plan to the hero" trope.

Overall, these books were interesting, but I'm not interested enough to keep them in my book collection. I recommend this for fans of Elizabeth Chandler's first two Dark Secrets books, and for those looking for a short mystery.

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Tuesday 23 July 2019

Huntress by Malinda Lo + Crossed by Ally Condie


 Author: Malinda Lo
Page Count: 371
Published: December 11th, 2012
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
  2.5 Stars ★★

Huntress is about powerful sage Taisin and mundane Kaede, who live in a world where crops are failing, people are starving, and their home is in danger. The girls are selected to travel to Tanlili, where they are to speak with the Fairy Queen. But the journey to Tanlili possesses dangers, and some may not make it out alive. Not to mention the girls' hearts, which may be falling for each other.

I really enjoyed Ash, a Cinderella retelling by Malinda Lo. As a result I was hoping to enjoy Huntress, but unfortunately, I didn't. It wasn't the worst book ever, but I'd rather have skipped it had I known it would be like this.

My main issue is with the pacing. It made it very boring. After about 25% of the book, I was just skimming large parts, entire chapters. There was wayyyyy too much description! It kind of feels like the author was just spouting off description to fill the book up! This book could have been better....were it about 100 pages thinner.

I did like the sort of tense, almost resistant romance the two girls developed. Taisin, as a sage, would end up celibate for her whole life, so she was really uncertain concerning starting a romance with Kaede. I thought that added some romantic suspense to the book because I was wondering if she'd choose Kaede, or if she'd abandon her. I also liked the fantasy elements, like the fact that sages even exist as a valid occupation or title in this society, along with the fairies!

Overall, I can't say I truly enjoyed this, however it wasn't entirely horrible. While there was way too much description for my tastes, I did like the romance and the fairies!

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Crossed (Matched, #2)

Series: Matched
 Author: Ally Condie 
Page Count: 367
Published: March 12th, 2013
Publisher: Speak
  4 Stars ★★★★

Life forever changed for Cassia in Matched when she dared to question the Society. Now in Crossed, her journey continues as she sneaks away during a camp transfer, and finds herself in the Outer Provinces. She wants to look for the Rebellion and for Ky, who was sent away after the events of Matched, and who she loves.

But attacks and gunfire are common in the Outer Provinces, and she must travel far to reach the Rebellion. She's not sure if she will even find Ky.....will she survive?

This was a good follow-up to Matched, and I like that this book focused on the journey through the Outer Provinces, along with Cassia's hopes and fears. This story was told through both Ky and Cassia's viewpoints, which I also enjoyed because it gave me a peek into what both of them were dealing with, particularly since they were often not together.

I continued to hope that Cassia and Ky would succeed in their mission! But I have to say that I'm not sure if I want Cassia to end up with Ky or Xander. I really like them both! I can't wait to read the next book to see how the trilogy ends.

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Wednesday 3 July 2019

Beautiful Cover of the Day

Hey everyone. I haven't done one of these in a while! But there are so many beautiful book covers I want to share....

Today I am featuring Gravemaidens!


I like this cover because all of the elements work together to create a beautiful, striking image. I love the colour scheme, it is interesting because I tend to prefer darker covers but I think the lighter colours work so well here. I like that the colours are fairly faded/toned down except for the bright, bold blue in the middle of the jar/bottle. It really captures my attention.

I love the font of the title, and the positioning. The slight curve of the letters mirrors or parallels the slant on the top of the bottle/jar, but it isn't too curved.

The words "beauty is a sacrifice" sound ominous and draw me in so much! I also like how the author's name is prominently displayed, but it does not overwhelm the cover image (as I have seen in some covers).

What are your thoughts on this book cover?

Friday 7 June 2019

Hotter Blood by Jeff Gelb (Various Authors)


Series: Hot Blood
Author: Jeff Gelb and Various Authors
Page Count: 352
Published: September 1st, 2004
Publisher: Pinnacle
  4 Stars ★★★★

So I can't say too much about the individual stories and plots featured in this anthology, as this would result in a review made of spoilers. So, I am just giving my general thoughts!

This erotic horror anthology features a range of short stories from contemporary horror to supernatural terrors. All stories have some erotic component to them, but don't worry, this doesn't undermine the scare or creep factor! In most cases, it actually makes the story more creepy.

This was a great anthology that introduced me to so many new authors. I loved the mix of erotic and horror themes, as I'm interested in genre-bending stories and all the strange and bizarre places our imaginations can go. I really enjoy both erotica and horror on their own, and while I was a bit skeptical about if they would mix well, this anthology showed me that these two genres/themes mix incredibly well under the right circumstances.

The stories ranged from very scary and shocking to not scary at all. I found a few of the stories were good overall, but I don't think they were suited for a horror anthology. On the other hand, some stories introduced me to concepts and ideas I'd never ever thought of! Many of the authors were very creative and original, and this resulted in me adding even more books to my to-read list.

I definitely want to read the other erotic horror collections in this anthology series. I recommend this to fans of erotica and horror fiction who want to see an interesting blend of the two. If you want to discover new authors in these genres, this would be a great pick for you.

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