Friday, 12 June 2015

Beautiful Bloggers Award

Hello everyone. I am pleased to say that I was nominated for the beautiful bloggers award! 

Click here to view aeriko001's blog (The Reading Armchair)!
Thank you for the nomination.

Rules (as listed on aeriko001's blog post):

Link to the blogger who nominated you.

List seven random facts about yourself.

Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers.

Nominate the people you nominated.

Seven Random Facts About Me:

1) I am a huge fan of Black Veil Brides. (Saw them in concert in February of this year, it was awesome)

2) I hope to become a famous author someday.

3) I received the 'Principal's Academic Award' at my grade eight graduation.

4) The Phantom of the Opera is my favourite musical.

5) I am Canadian.

6) I believe that magic is very, very real.

7) I would like to travel to Europe someday.

My Nominations:

1) AJ Colher @ ClairBooks

2) Ellie @ Elles Belles Bookshelf

3) Melissa @ Around The World In Books

4) Laura @ New Age Mama

5) Becky @ The Bookette

6) Ashley @ Book Nerd Paradise

7) Ariana @ Reading After Midnight