Saturday, 15 August 2015

90s Movies Book Tag

I was nominated at Less Reality More Books to complete this tag! Here is my response.

Note that as usual with these sort of questions, I am often unable to pinpoint any one character or book as I love way too many of them!

1. She's All That - Name a book couple that are an odd pairing, but they still fit together perfectly.

Ink and Joy from Indelible are a very odd pairing but they fit perfectly and their story is phenomenal.

 2. 10 Things I Hate About You - a book or series that you have a love/hate relationship with.

Captive in the Dark by C.J Roberts. I am simultaneously appalled yet darkly intrigued by this book. (*Silently thankful for my ability to distinguish truth from fiction*)

 3. Clueless - A character that is totally clueless, but you love them anyway.

Monica from Indelible is super clueless when it comes to Joy and The Twixt. Also Vaurien Scapegrace from Skulduggery Pleasant is quite clueless to how he is perceived by others, and it is hilarious.

 4. Titanic - A book that made you cry.

I've said this in a previous post and I'll say it again.....MANY books have made me cry. The ones that stick out to me are Stolen, The Faceless Ones and The Breakaway.

 5. American Pie - A Book that made you laugh.

The Skulduggery Pleasant series never fails to make me laugh.

 6. Can't Hardly Wait - a book with a crazy party.

I haven't read many books with party scenes but I recently attempted to read Sweet Evil and there was a party scene.

 7. Cruel Intentions - name a character you can never fully trust.

There's Billy-Ray Sanguine from Skulduggery Pleasant. As much as I adore him, I never trust him 100%. I also don't trust Rosalie from Twilight very much.

 8. Name your favorite 'boy next door' or 'girl next door' couple.

Ethan and Emily from Vacant could qualify for this, or Silla and Nick from Blood Magic. I haven't read many books with the boy/girl next door trend.

 9. Scream - a book with a memorable villain.

Every villain from the Skulduggery Pleasant series fits the bill for this one. (Can you tell that I'm a die-hard Skulduggery Pleasant fangirl yet?) The villains from Eve are also very intense, and how could I ever forget Julian from The Forbidden Game....a misunderstood, ultra-sexy, pseudo-villain.

 10. The Craft - a book with witches

Book of Shadows has some witches with Wiccan leanings. Justyn from Phantom is Wiccan and a witch as well. Texas Gothic focuses on a non-religious based witch family

I am nominating those who run the following blogs:

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If you've completed this tag, leave me the link to your post in the comments!

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