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Wicca for Beginners by Thea Sabin

Series: N/A
Author: Thea Sabin
Page Count: 262
Published: April 1st, 2006
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
  4 Stars ★★★★

This is an informational book on Wicca and the beliefs, practices, and variations found within it. Covering everything from spells and ethics to the sabbats (Wiccan holidays), this guide provides a basic summary of general philosophy and practice for the beginner Wiccan.

This was the first book on Wicca that I had ever picked up. Before, I got all of my information online because I hadn't been able to find a guide for beginner Wiccans at my local bookstores. Then I found this cute little book and supply store which mostly stocked religious and spiritual books and items. Amongst the one, small Pagan shelf, I found this guide and picked it up. I am very glad I did!

While this book is very basic, it is extremely helpful for those who know little to nothing about Wicca. You have to start somewhere, and with a diverse religious system like Wicca, understanding general practices and beliefs can make advanced study much easier. As I said, prior to finding this book I had gotten all of my information online, which is a hit-and-miss when it comes to legitimate sites and posts. Knowing that the things I was reading in this book were written by an experienced Wiccan assured me that I was finally getting some verified info, which was a nice change.

Something I really appreciated about this book was that the author didn't say that those following eclectic traditions were invalid Wiccans. I sometimes hear traditional Wiccans saying that eclectic ones aren't 'real' Wiccans, and this had always upset me. But the author affirms the eclectic identity by sharing her own personal experiences as an ex-eclectic Wiccan and by keeping a positive tone when discussing non-Gardenarian based traditions. That makes this book a great choice for eclectic Wiccans.

I also appreciated that Thea Sabin included some sample spells, exercises to assist in energy work, and recommendations for other Wicca-related books. This is incredibly helpful because it can set one on their way to practicing ritual, casting spells, and gaining new insight.

However, I do wish that the author had explained more when it comes to Wiccan history. While the religion itself may be quite new, I feel like she could've better discussed the other Pagan beliefs which influenced both traditional and modern Wicca. This could've made for an entire, fascinating chapter of its own.

Overall, a great choice for those new to the Wiccan path. I recommend this to those interested in learning about Wicca and to those who are ready to get started with their own personal spiritual journey.

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