Monday, 15 February 2016

Yay or Nay Monday

I've decided to participate in the Yay or Nay Monday question at Reading My Day Away!

Question: Do you read eBooks?

Answer: YES! I do read eBooks. I discover a lot of awesome indie authors through Kobo, Kindle, etc. Also, the prices are often lower, and I love promo codes.

I use my Kobo mini, Google Play Books and the Amazon Kindle app on my tablet to read eBooks. I have a LOT of unread eBooks downloaded....but hey who can blame me? Free books? I'll take them all!!!!

It's also good to read eBooks when an author wants you to read and review their book for them. It opens up a ton of new possibilities and opportunities, and can simplify things.

Final Verdict: Yay!

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