Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Get To Know Me Tag

I was tagged on The Book Goddess!


The Basics

Name: Wren Love.

Nicknames: One of my friends calls me Llama :)

Birthday: January 21st.

Star Sign: Aquarius.

Occupation: I'm currently a student aspiring to be an author and a social worker. 


Hair Colour: Brown naturally, currently dyed blue-black.

Hair Length: Really short, not even down to my shoulders. 

Eye Colour: Brown.

Best Feature: I like my eyebrows. 

Braces: I was supposed to get some but never did.

Piercings: Not yet.

Tattoos: Not yet.

Right or Left-Handed: Right.


Best Friend: My first best friend was a girl in my kindergarten class. Unfortunately I haven't seen her since the end of kindergarten because I moved.

Award: My first 'real' award was the Principal's Academic Award, which I received at my grade 8 graduation. 

Sport: I was on a soccer team for several years when I was younger. 

Real Holiday: I went to Disney World on winter break one year.

Concert: The first concert that I attended of which I wasn't dragged to by my family was the Black Veil Brides concert! 


Film: I have too many favourite films, but a few include The Phantom of the Opera (starring Gerard Butler), The Man Who Laughs, and Sweeney Todd. 

TV Show: Scream, Hannibal, Sherlock, Criminal Minds and Pretty Little Liars. 

Colour: Red and black.

Song: I have so many favourite songs but a few include House of Memories and Build God Then We'll Talk by Panic! at the Disco, Sons of Night and Perfect Weapon by Black Veil Brides and the entire Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. 

Restaurant: A&W and Subway.

Shop: Book stores, both new and used. Hot Topic and thrift stores like Value Village also make my top few favourites. 

Books: Once again....sooooo many favourites I can't list them all! A few include Nevermore by Kelly Creagh and Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy, also The Purity Myth by Jessica Valenti and many, many more. 

Shoes: I really like black boots with silver buckles.


Feeling: Tired and very creative. Not a good mix.

Single or Taken: Taken!

Eating: Nothing at the moment but I had Subway about an hour ago. 

Thinking About: Writing.

Watching: Hannibal.

Wearing: Pajamas. 


Children: I want at least one, but I'd rather adopt.

Marriage: I really want to get married.

Careers: An author, of course! I also want to help people, especially youth, which is why I am considering social work. 

Where You Want To Live: I want to live in the town I grew up in, it's not too far from where I am now. 

Do You Believe In

God: I am agnostic but lean towards polytheism. So, sort of?

Miracles: Not really. 

Love At First Sight: You may certainly be attracted to somebody at first sight, but actual love? I think that comes a little later. 

Ghosts: Yes!!!!!!

Aliens: Yep.

Soulmate: Yes, though I consider it in the context of both romance and friendship. 

Heaven/Hell: I believe in some sort of afterlife, though certainly not one of torment or suffering. 

Kissing On The First Date: I believe in "do whatever the heck you want" meaning yeah! If you want to, kiss on the first date! If you don't want to, that's fine too! Personally, I've kissed someone on the first date myself, so yes.

Yourself: Sometimes.

Who I Am Tagging

All of you are tagged! Leave a link to your posts and I'll take a look. 

Thanks for tagging me!

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