Monday, 20 June 2016

Unique & Intriguing Titles

Hey everyone! I'm trying out a new feature showcasing some of the most unique and/or intriguing book titles I have come across. I hope you all enjoy.

"Utsukushii Kuro" by David Gerald King

The title of this book translates to "Beautiful Black". I was intrigued to find an English book with a Japanese title. I also have to mention that I love the font used for the title on the cover!

The blurb:

"My name is Jessika Kendell, but please, call me Jess. There are only a few things you need to know. I'm an American. I'm a student of Japanese. And I'm very much in love with an amazing woman I met on my year studying abroad. These are the memories of our relationship, how it began at least, and a lot of the madness that followed. I'm trusting you with my journal, here, so no jokes about how dated my references are.

Our first year together was...hectic, to say the least. We all know how bad relationship drama can be, not to mention an international relationship, not to mention a lesbian international relationship, not to mention a lesbian international relationship with a vampire.

Had I not mentioned that?

Yes, this is a story about loving a vampire. About seeing things humans usually aren't allowed to see. About learning what's true and what's not. What changes and what's always the same. And you're being trusted with it."

Find Utsukushii Kuro on Amazon and Goodreads

What book titles do you find unique and intriguing?

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