Friday, 7 October 2016

50/50 Friday - Underrated/Overrated Book

This is a meme hosted at The Butterfly Reader

This week's topic is an underrated and an overrated book

An underrated book

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I've only read the first two as of yet, but I own the third. I can't bring myself to read it quite yet, though....I don't want Isobel and Varen's story to end! I hope Kelly Creagh writes many more books. I wish this series was more's one of my favourites!

An overrated book

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I like the idea of The Hunger Games trilogy, I enjoyed the film and novel. I just didn't find the book good enough to persuade me to read the next one, and I'm not rushing to watch the film series, either (I haven't even watched Catching Fire yet!). I can see why others would find this trilogy amazing, but I honestly wish that the hype from this might have been shared with Nevermore, my pick for underrated book!

What do you think of these books? Are you a fan of Nevermore or The Hunger Games?

This meme was really fun! I hope to continue to participate in the future :)  

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