Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Thoughts About Book Blogging

Hey everyone! Lately I've been thinking about book blogging, and why I love it, and how it's affected me as a reader and as a person. I wanted to share some of these thoughts with my readers to see if any of you have the same ideas as me, or if you've been affected differently!
My cat, Poe (Instagram)

I think that one major thing that book blogging has forced me to do is to face some of my social anxiety. My social anxiety isn't just an issue when it comes to in-person's online as well! So whenever I make a blog post, I have to look it over a million times before and after I post to make sure I don't sound awkward, and while I love interacting with my followers and blogs that I love through commenting, I'm always anxious that I've accidentally left some horrible typo that will make me seem really strange! However, since I started blogging, this has gotten quite a bit better. I've had to move past my comfort zone to interact with people online and it's helped me a lot. Interacting with other bloggers has been a great experience for me, it's made me a bit more confident.

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Blogging has also made me feel better about myself because every follower, every comment, every page view means that somebody cares about what I have to say about books, and I think that's awesome! Knowing that people want to know what I'm reading and reviewing, what covers I like, and my opinions on other book-related subjects makes me so happy. :)
 A picture from when I was re-arranging my bookshelf (Instagram)
Lastly, book blogging has introduced me to so many books that I want to read! I might not have come across some of them had I not stumbled upon a review on a blog that I follow. This is great because I'm discovering more books, but it's also a bit annoying because it adds to my ever-growing to-read pile! 

How has book blogging affected you?

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