Saturday, 3 June 2017

Thoughts About Book Blogging: Part 2

Hey everyone! I'm back with more thoughts about book blogging.

In my last post, I discussed social anxiety, self-esteem, and my ever-growing to-read list. Be sure to check it out if you haven't yet!

While there are many things that I love about book blogging, there are some things that I don't really like at all. Blogging actually gives me anxiety, beyond the previously mentioned social anxiety. I'm afraid to say something that people won't like, and then get bullied for it. For example, if I enjoy a book that others really hate, especially if they believe they hate it for "righteous" reasons. I fear being harassed! That's part of why I added a comment policy on my blog. I'm a bit reassured by the 'block' features on Twitter and other sites, that I could use if need be, though I'd rather not.

You could say this anxiety is tormenting me.... (Instagram)

I'm really tired of seeing such hatred in the book community. I wish people would just leave each other alone. It's such a simple solution.....enjoy the books that you enjoy, while others will love the books that they love! Sometimes, others will adore a book that you hate, and that's life. But hating on others based on their opinion of certain books, the reaches of fiction in the real world, and other ideas is absolutely unacceptable and I am so disappointed in the way that people have been targeting each other lately. 

We post blue against bullying! (Instagram)

There are some great Instagram tags for those of us against bullying to show our support for a kind and respectful book blogging environment, and those that I use include #booksnotbullies and #onwednesdayswepostblue . A safe, online environment is important, especially for those of us who love to express our thoughts on the awesome art that is writing! No matter what kinds of books you read, big or small, fiction or non-fiction, young adult or adult, fluffy contemporary or terrifying horror, you and I should be able to read whatever we want in peace! 

 When you're tired of the world, cuddle cats! (Instagram)

I've considered going on hiatus, or even giving up book blogging because I am so tired of what's been going on lately. But I love blogging. I love sharing my thoughts about books. All of the awesome things I discussed in my last 'thoughts about book blogging' post remain true despite all this drama, and if I give up, the bullies win! So it appears that for now, I am here to stay .


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