Friday, 7 July 2017

50/50 Friday - Favorite/Least Favorite Supernatural Being

This meme is hosted at The Butterfly Reader and Blue Eye Books

This week's topic is favourite / least favourite supernatural being


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Alright so technically I have two favourites: vampires and the fey. So I guess I am cheating and choosing both of them!

Least Favourite

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I still like mythology and the gods / goddesses / deities / demi-gods, etc, often featured in books (i.e Percy Jackson, though I haven't actually read it...just an example) but they aren't anywhere close to my favourite supernatural beings. I prefer fairy-tale retellings to greek mythology retellings, and I will usually pick a vampire romance over a book about whatever mythological pantheon.

What are your favourite and least favourite supernatural beings?


  1. As soon as I saw the faerie picture, I was thinking to myself, really? I thought for sure you'd choose vampires! And then I saw you chill with them both LOL. Vampires are definitely my favorite, but the fey are interesting too. My least favorite is probably angels, because I don't tend to like the way they're portrayed, and a lot of books about angels tend to just be about good versus evil and wars between angels and demons and not very character focused.

    1. Okay that was definitely meant to be "chose them both," but I guess "chill with" works too. That's what happens when you use voice recognition and don't proofread lol.