Monday, 1 January 2018

Holiday Book Haul

Hey everyone! I'm back :) Hopefully you all had a nice holiday season.

I was super busy throughout December with school exams and get-togethers for the holidays, so I didn't have time to post much. However, I was gladly enjoying delicious food and drinking hot chocolate and Tim Hortons Iced Capps in negative twenty degrees Celsius weather. Poe is adorable and fluffy, as always. I've really been enjoying the winter break!

This year I have received/ordered a record amount of books for one holiday season (unless I am mistaken and one year I got more.....but so far it seems to be the record!) I thought I'd list them off and maybe talk a bit about why I got some of them.

So first off is my BookOutlet haul. My boyfriend's gift to me was some money for BookOutlet! And I ended up getting 20 books!

I got:

Assassin's Heart : I've really been getting into the whole assassins in a fantasy world thing lately. It started with Throne of Glass and now I want all the assassins books!

The Accident Season :  Dark family secrets? Count me in. Also the cover is great.

The Accident Season

Lockdown : I want to read some more creepy stuff, and this book seems to have a creepy vibe.

Altered and Unraveled : I read the first book in this series a few years ago and I really liked it. I never got to reading the sequels, so when I saw them for about a dollar fifty each on BookOutlet, I decided to order a copy of each.

Rapture : I enjoyed the first three Fallen books years ago and I never got to reading Rapture. Plus I want to read Unforgiven, Cam's story. I remember liking Cam best, so I gotta get through Rapture so I can eventually read Unforgiven.

The Girl At Midnight : As I've mentioned, I'm getting more into fantasy, and this fantasy novel sounds interesting. People with feathers for hair??? A firebird??? LGBTQ characters? Of course I was gonna get this eventually.

The Girl at Midnight (The Girl at Midnight, #1)

Mortal Danger :  I like books about revenge!

Sweet : I actually found myself drawn to this book by the title. I'd written a short story titled Sweet, so I was curious as to what this particular "Sweet" was about. Anyways, the Goodreads blurb mentions this book being about a "dream vacation that goes first comically, then tragically, then horrifyingly wrong" which I think is intriguing.

The Winner's Curse: Once again more fantasy! This book sounds a bit dark for a fantasy as well, what with the slavery and all, so I thought I'd give it a try. Though to be fair, I own quite a few fantasies that have dark elements. Either way, it sounds interesting.

Spells of Blood and Kin: As you probably have noticed from this list so far, I tend to read young adult fiction. Which is fine, but I want to expand a bit into the world of adult fiction. This adult fantasy seemed like a good pick for someone with my tastes.

Caraval: Intriguing premise, lots of positive reviews, and not to mention, simply lots of reviews in the first place! I need to catch up with the crowd.

Flawed : Rule-breaking, possibly ridiculous and oppressive societal standards, and the cost of standing up for something. Say no more.

The Hollow : Appears to have a connection to Sleepy Hollow. And secrets!!!!

Sempre : I'm getting more into these forbidden crime/mafia romances.

Shackled : If I saw my missing friend mouth "help me" in public six years after her disappearance, I'd probably lose it too. But I also want to know her friend's ultimate fate.

Dead of Winter : I liked Poison Princess, so seeing the third in the series on sale for less than two bucks was a steal! I don't have the second yet but I'll have the third for when I finally do finish the second. And for barely anything at that!

The Leaving: I love books about disappearances!

The Leaving

Count All Her Bones : The sequel to Girl, Stolen! I am so excited!

The Devil You Know : I like books where somebody is not who they seem to be....

Along with BookOutlet, I got some paper-copy books with a gift certificate that my brother gave me. I bought the books early because I received the gift early, but it was still a Christmas/holiday gift. I got :

The Darkest Night : because paranormal romance!

House of Leaves : This book looked weird. And it was. I read it all over the break so far, and I've never read anything like it before!

Seven Ways We Lie: I'm gonna be perfectly honest here, the main reason I got this was for the pansexual representation. Us pansexuals don't get a lot of representation in media so its exciting when we do. Also, there are scandals.

Resurrection : The newest Skulduggery book!

Resurrection (Skulduggery Pleasant, #10)

And then I got another gift card for Chapters/Indigo! But the thing is I'm gonna be moving soon and its already gonna be a pain to move all my current books plus the literally 24 I just ordered so.....I spent some of it on Kobo! I still have some left on the card for sequels. So far, I got:

The Warlord Wants Forever : I liked Poison Princess which is by the same author and I'm trying to get into adult books more, so of course I'll get this author's adult paranormal romance.

The Hard Way: I liked the previous books in this series a lot so yeah I got the next one!

Torn From You : I read the free prequel first and enjoyed it so I decided to get the official first book in the Tear Asunder series.

Sordid : Got this one because I enjoy dark romance, and I also want to support the author after this fiasco . As stated here , "what the terms don't mean is that readers or writers condone these behaviors in real life. Fiction is fiction."

So that's my holiday book haul! Have you read any of these books? Are any of them on your to-read list? What was your biggest book haul?

I also got a tea infuser and a nice package of teas from Davids Tea, I think the company is called. My awesome friend gave it to me! I was wondering if you have a favourite tea? So far my favourite appears to be the coconut cream pie flavour!

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