Tuesday, 8 May 2018

I'm Back! + Summer Plans

Hey everyone.

So I am back! Exams went really well, and I did great on my final projects. Straight As!

I'm hoping to return to a regular posting schedule soon. I took about a week extra off to just relax after exams ended, so I want to get back to blogging and start a spring/summer schedule in general.

I will say, though, that I am having trouble getting the motivation to get out of bed. Its so hot in my room! And for myself, when I'm really warm, I just want to curl up and nap. I'm kinda like a cat that way..... so I'm fighting off some extra fatigue. If anyone has any suggestions for fighting off this tiredness, please do let me know. Also, how do you keep your room cool during the summer? Because sometimes its like I'm being toasted or something.

I also live in walking distance to the library now. I have lots of books to read at home but I want to start walking down to the library and taking a book out maybe on a weekly basis, so I have an excuse to go for a nice walk. Plus I just love being surrounded by books and not being tempted to spend money, as I would in a bookstore. Free books are best books.

I'm also hoping to get writing a story this summer as well. I am having really bad writers block, where I think about my story and its literally like a brick wall. Hopefully I can do something about that.

Poe update: she survived the move! Poor thing, we had to lock her in the bathroom as we were loading my stuff to be transported, and her pitiful meows echoed! There's an issue though.....the landlady has two cats, and one of them in particular does not like Poe at all. Poe is just sitting there and he comes in my room and hisses and hisses! And Poe goes downstairs to explore the house and he full on attacks her! I don't know what to do. Poor Poe, I don't want her to be trapped in my room all summer. Any thoughts on this?

Anyways, thats really it for now, just wanted to give a general update and chat a bit before resuming my usual posts. It's nice to be back! Happy reading.

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